Visualtis: Makes me Digital.

The UPCT, through the Cloud Incubator, is collaborating in the European project Makes Me Digital, which tries to detect the most important training needs in digital skills and design training courses aimed at them.

As part of the project, work tables have been held in which Visualtis has been present, as well as other companies, trainers and potential receivers of the courses. The tables were held at the Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers of the UPCT, in Cartagena, on April 12 and 16.

Visualtis as a company, aware of the specific needs of its sector, has provided advice on the way in which training should be delivered to be useful and interfere as little as possible with the operations of the company, specifically on the subject of Management of software projects, continuous integration and cloud computing (training oriented in this case to ICT professionals).

The project also includes the provision of two pilot courses, which will be given free of charge, with priority to participate those entities or people who have collaborated in the project.

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Visualtis, 2nd year as a silver collaborator of CodeCamp

One more year, Visualtis has signed a collaboration agreement with Infomun, to participate as “Silver Collaborators” in the days to be held from February 23 to 25 at the Youth Hostel Calarreona, Águilas.

These conferences (in which lectures, workshops and various activities will be held) will aim to promote integration among the attendees through group dynamics, through the same thread: computer science as a profession.
This year, the main activity will consist of the computer programming of an Artificial Intelligence and the talks will have a didactic purpose complementary to issues specific to the career.

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Murcia en tu móvil App

The Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta and the Councilor for Education, Rafa Gómez, welcomed more than 170 international students who will study at the University of Murcia during this 2018.

During the event, the app “Murcia en tu móvil” was unveiled, an app developed by Visualtis team that advises and guides young Erasmus students and their families during their stay in our city. The app, which includes tourist and cultural information, also has a notification system that notifies the user when it is near of a tourist interest point, monument, etc … even if there are content updates, it notifies the user that there is new information… a good way to not miss anything during their stay in Murcia.

It is developed for Android and iOS and is already available in their respective “stores”:

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Visualtis receives the seal as an Innovative Technology-Based Company

The European Center for Business and Innovation in Murcia has facilitated the award of 18 certificates of Innovative Technology-Based Companies for startups, both hosted in its technological incubator and entrepreneurs advised from CEEIM. The most recent company to receive this distinction of international value has been Visualtis for its commitment to innovation, which was collected by the director of the Institute of Development, Joaquín Gómez. Visualtis is dedicated to incorporating the most innovative technology into projects or products in the industrial and service sectors so that they acquire a competitive advantage. Thus, it is specialized in the search and development of innovative solutions and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0 and mixed positioning systems, internal and external, through the realization of R & D & I projects and the adaptation of specific products to other companies.

Its platform developed on asset management and localization in closed environments (Indoor Position System) comes from its own technology in the cloud for the management of BLE beacons (Bluetooth low energy), which allows sending messages about the status of products or services to users. , through mobile devices. From this line, his product COONECTIO emerged, several times awarded, being a finalist of the IBM Smart Camp 2015, where the latest knowledge was applied as UWB (Ultra Wide Band) to improve the accuracy in the location, in addition to its conversion into a system of Real-time location (RTLS).

The company certified with the EIBT seal is innovative because it has its own surveillance system that allows incorporating new technologies, both in projects and internal products as well as its clients. The innovative procedure has been possible because it devotes part of its resources to R + D + i projects, where its participation in two European projects related to the Internet of Things and on proximity services is framed.

Visualtis (www.visualtis.com) has counted on the development of its mission with different lines of support, being advised from CEEIM, obtained funding from the CDTI to develop its innovative project, agreed to grants from the Innoemplea program and participates in the European project RYME +, where CEEIM is a partner in representation of Spain, which is oriented towards the export launch of companies with innovative products or services, exponential growth and global projection.

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Visualtis develops new Servitir app

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently developed a new app for the company Murcia Servitir, a company with a long experience dedicated to the services of road transport and that provides services to transporters throughout the European Union … A quality service, without doubt will be favored with the launch of this app developed by Visualtis.

This app, available for iOS and Android, is designed to accompany your trip, and help, in the most simple and intuitive way to your customers.

The main objective of the app is to provide a tool to the carriers to configure in a totally personalized way a network of “favorite” stations, which are the ones that best suit their needs during the trip … either by proximity to their route , or for the services available, for the price of fuel … Of course, it allows the user to know at any time that stations are the closest to their location and through the navigation service know the route of arrival more suitable. The great advantage in this sense is that it allows the user to search offline, since we know that optimal coverage is not always available during the trip.

Also with this app you can know the general assessment of the stations, through the assessments that other users have made and receive push notifications with important information regarding their situation with respect to the countries in which they are (offers, news …)

The Servitir network has stations in the main EU countries: Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium, so we anticipate that it will make life easier for a large number of carriers.

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Visualtis + Weew in Israel

Representatives of Visualtis, are now in Tel-Aviv to present internationally our flagship product, Weew. With the help of ICEX (Spain Exportation and Investments) we will present our product hoping to be able to promote the platform, find new partners for technological, commercial and research collaborations … We will keep you up to date on the latest news about that.

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New Murcia Turism web

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new website for tourism in Murcia, developed again by the Visualtis team. This new website, with a completely redesigned and more current style, has a series of functionalities and sections, which will undoubtedly be liked by users. As an example, the section of accommodations where you will find a complete search engine where you can see at a glance the services and characteristics of each one, the “what to do” section with a wide range of activities, routes, etc. And the possibility to request the tourist card online for the convenience of the users, for example.

From Visualtis we encourage you to visit it and verify for yourself the result.

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Visualtis, Label ITEA 3

ITEA is the program that supports R & D initiatives led by companies in the area of systems and services where software has significant weight. ITEA promotes projects in an international community made up of large and small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, research organizations and other organizations.

From Visualtis we have had the satisfaction of receiving recently this badge that supports us and will allow us to develop R & D tasks in two main fields:

Proximity Services Framework (ProSe)
The objective of the ProSe project is to design an intensive software system to support the development, deployment and execution of proximity services, which are applications that allow users to interact intuitively with their surroundings (eg a hotel, a train Station, a gym).

Optimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling (OPTIMUM)
It addresses the improvement of aspects of distributed control, the adaptation of IoT technologies to industrial needs, the improvement of control and applications through context and location, as well as application design and 3D engineering and supervision.

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App Meetup day 2017 powered by Weew

After the publication of the application for the group “Devops Murcia” and as a result of the good experience obtained, Visuales has launched the application for Meetup Day 2017, an event that brings together the entire Technological Community of the Region of Murcia and is held in the CEIMM building on the Espinardo Campus on May 20 … Both applications (Devops + Meetup Day) have been developed using “Weew” As a content manager and facilitated in both cases, the control, organization and enrichment of the overall experience of these events.

We hope this sea the beginning of many other applications for events of this type “powered by Weew”.

Google Store

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Weew on air!!

To mark the launch of Weew and our participation as developers of the official app of the 1st World Congress on Smart Destinations, we were invited to present our company and our product in Onda Regional de Murcia on 18 February.

Our colleague Ricardo Estévez was talking with the managers of the space “Entrepreneurial Talent” (sponsored by the Instituto de Fomento de la Region de Murcia), where he related the particularities, functionalities and advantages of our platform. Then we leave a link to the interview so you can listen to it in full:

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The World Conference on Smart Destinations app, powered by weew.

The World Tourism Organization will bring together more than 500 experts from the tourism sector, which will be the first World Congress on Intelligent Tourist Destinations to be held in Murcia on 15, 16 and 17 February.

From Visualtis, we are pleased to announce that the organization has decided to rely on our WEEW platform for the creation of the event App.

As already published weeks ago, the platform (www.weew24.com) that is focused on the creation, management and monitoring of Apps for events and congresses, will add value to the congress since, on the one hand, it will simplify the work of the organizers , Will allow them to communicate directly with attendees through push notifications, can keep the program of presentations and events up to date, correct any last minute changes in the program quickly … And on the other hand it allows attendees Have detailed information about activities, speakers, location, etc., in a comfortable and agile way.

We hope this is the first of many “powered by weew” events and of course, we wish the World Tourism Organization that the conference be a success.

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Visualtis, silver partner on CodeCamp 2017

We are pleased to announce that Visualtis has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Infomun, for which we will participate as “Silver Collaborators” in the days to be held from 17 to 19 February in San Pedro del Pinatar Youth Hostel.

These days (which will be given lectures, workshops and various activities) will aim to promote the integration among the participants through group dynamics, through a common thread: computer science as a profession.

The different activities proposed will address issues of security, algorithms, networks and operating systems through various tests that must be solved through a Capture the Flag, emphasizing the importance of the equipment to achieve a common goal.

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WEEW, the custom app for your event

Visualtis demonstrates its innovative spirit after 12 years in the ICT sector by introducing WEEW, its cloud platform that provides customized applications for mobile devices for organizing and managing events.

From our beginnings, Visualtis has highlighted our vocation to undertake something different in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT, betting strongly on research and development, and systems based on open source). And it has been around these Open Source solutions where we had the first opportunities that required a high R & D component and specialization and which accounted for the support we needed in Visualtis.

Now, with all this experience accumulated, Visualtis launched a new product, WEEW (weew24.com), which allows custom applications and a cloud platform for event management.

Aimed at organizers of congresses, fairs and public events, WEEW has been conceived as the technological ally of companies, associations, federations, chambers of commerce, universities and event agencies for the management, monitoring and use of business opportunities.

In WEEW design we have made special focus on 3 features:

1. It is easy to use and does not require to be expert in computer science or design
2. Get the personalized app (both iOS and Android platform) for our event in minutes, and be available right away in the app stores so that they can download it on demand
3. Make it affordable and available to organizations of any size, a mobile marketing platform that includes everything necessary to successfully manage the event and until recently only large organizations could afford it.

In an increasingly competitive world, we have thought that WEEW should help companies get to know their customers, users and consumers by collecting information from attendees at their events to develop the business relationship during and after it.

WEEW also allows you to highlight the message you want to convey, personalizing communication through apps that allow you to keep in touch with the participants at all times and distinguish yourself from the competition.

And we can not forget, that in a world increasingly concerned about productivity, WEEW is an effective assistant to centralize a platform in the cloud everything that is needed in a simple way to use.

As expected, WEEW has come to keep our entrepreneurial character alive in Visualtis: we have always understood that innovation was an indispensable foundation within our strategic growth plan.

And now more than ever from Visualtis we face the future with the vision to simplify the computer solutions that we offer so that our clients monetize their investment in software, and to be recognized as providers of software solutions specialized in data visualization.

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App Conect@2 developed by Visualtis

Visualtis have recently developed the App Conect@2 Sociedad Digital (3rd Edition). An application for mobile devices that allow users to access all information about the event, organized by La Verdad de Murcia. This App will allow attendees to view the program, speakers, location, social networking event, etc … and its contents and functionalities are managed through Weew platform, a Visualtis initiative consisting in a Cloud Platform aimed at organizers of events, conferences and fairs, to facilitate the promotion, management and monitoring of them.

Conect@2 Sociedad Digital, is available for both Android and iOS in their respective markets:

play play

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Visualtis develops the new app Murcia Tourism, which will guide tourists around the city through virtual beacons

The Tourism Department of Murcia is going to launch a new version of the mobile application Murcia Tourism, so that visitors can have in their Samrtphone all interesting information of the municipality.

This mobile application, it’s going to be launched next week, allows tourists who are visiting the city to locate the main points of interest and the different services you may need during your stay, such as locating hotels, restaurants or museums and access to updated information on the city and its events calendar.
At the same time as something new, it will guide through virtual beacons (geofencing technology) visitors to the main tourist and cultural sights of the city, and once near these will show photos and briefly explain to you the most interesting details of these points.
Likewise, this new technology will allow the City Council release a series of data taken anonymously, which will allow to launch in future actions that benefit our tourists and visitors.

The app has been developed by Visualtis for all major platforms (iOS and Android), including notification services associated with virtual beacons, and is also prepared to include major emerging services such as smart destination.

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Visualtis gets the seal Innovative SME

A few months ago, the team Visualtis proud celebrated its 10th anniversary this summer… and go on vacation with a new recognition in the suitcase: the stamp of “Innovative SME”.

The stamp, issued by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, notes the innovative nature of the company, which has dedicated a firm and consistent effort in their R + D + i, one of the mainstays since its inception in 2005 and represents in large part, a reward for the work done in Visualtis within the development area connectivity projects through BLE, plus a myriad of projects related to information and communications technology to make it worthy to company this distinction.

No doubt the important role of SMEs in the development and economic growth of the country and hence since the adoption of the “European Charter for Small and Medium Enterprises” has been emphasizing the importance of developing a specific policy framework for these companies. Now, with the creation of the stamp of innovative SMEs and a record thereof by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, it seeks to put these companies in value, favoring their identification and help the subsequent formulation of specific policies for them .

Grateful to be part of this “distinguished” group, “from Visualtis continue to develop R & D + i that promote competitiveness and future development of enterprises, including our own,” they say.

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IoT powered by Coonectio

Evolve , renew or die . Today, this is a fundamental premise in any business, but mainly in TIC’s products and companies, therefore, we believe that the time to make Coonectio evolve has come.

For this product’s metamorphosis, we have “recycled” the entire base structure that already was developed and focused to the Beacons management, to create a new platform for the management of IoT devices.

We offer a scalable infrastructure from which both individual users and companies can manage their devices, analyze the records, show the graphs, alerts and incorporate certain actions based on pre-established preferences .

Coonectio joins at to what is arguably one of the most important fields of innovation in recent times .

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Visualtis develops ASEEDAR -TD’s Web and Digital Magazine

Visualtis has developed the new ASEEDAR-TD’s website, which was presented last May 12, coinciding with the International Nurses Day.

The new website, containing corporate information about the Association, will also feature the digital version of the magazine that has been published in print version for over 20 years. With scientific content, the magazine will have a six-monthly basis and has a delivery system and content validation that allow associate editors and administrators improve the flow of the articles publications.

More than 150 registered users will have access to all articles published as well as the news that also will be published periodically. In the words of the own director of the magazine, Antonia Ballesteros, the main objective of the magazine “is to bring users the latest developments in this field, in a practical and simple way without neglecting the scientific rigor and quality standards corresponding to a scientific publication.”

In Visualtis, of course, we are proud to bring new technologies to associations such as ASEEDAR-TD, collaborating with their work in scientific advancement and the quality of people’s life.

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Visualtis develops software that allows you to create a fully custom mattress

The product (UNICBED) developed by Visualtis for the company Gomarco (leading manufacturer of mattresses), is a computer software that, when connected to a 3D grabber (camera with different sensors), presents the perfect solution for rest: A mattress fully custom made.

The tool also includes the ability to enable two separate and independent spaces in the same mattress for the case of pairs, so that each side thereof is optimized for each.

This is the latest project Visualtis created for the development of innovation in its customers and has been recently presented at the Feria de Zaragoza 2016.

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COONECTIO has been selected for IBM SMARTCAMP 2015 finals
Finally, after spending a finalist in Madrid, Coonectio has been chosen for the final to be held on 12, 13 and October 14 in San Francisco.

This is the link of the event: http://ibmglobalentrepreneur.com

Coonectio is a startup launched by Visualtis to support the development and subsequent management of mobile applications interact with users requiring proximity. He is currently under national expansion and has collaboration agreements with different multinationals.

After participating in the IBM SMART CAMP 2015 Coonectio it has been selected as one of the top 10 companies worldwide to present their project as finalists in the SCALE LAUNCH to be held on 12 and 14 October in San Francisco (USA) .

LAUNCH SCALE is an event where entrepreneurs and investors from around the world gather. During the days of the event workshops, conferences and private meetings to learn more about startups, also take place, the Spanish company has been invited to FESTIVAL LAUNCH March 2016 where 10 finalists will return to present their projects which already It is known as the biggest event of startups in the world, with more than 20,000 attendees before the details and status of each of the finalists will be presented.
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Finalist at OPENFUTURE.org

Sorry, this entry is only available in Es.

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Join up INNOEMPLEA 2014

Visualtis has been selected within the INNOEMPLEA 2014 program, part of the State Program for Talent Development and Employability, included in the State Plan for Scientific Research, Technology and Innovation 2013-2016

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Certified supplier in INNOCAMARAS portal

We are pleased to announce that as part Visualtis portal technological innovations of the Chamber of Commerce Innocámaras Murcia.

The Council of Chambers, aware, firstly the relevance of innovation in strengthening the competitive position of the companies and, second, the potential of the network of Chambers of Commerce deployed throughout the Spanish territory to activate and streamline the business, Innocámaras program designed to encourage the adoption of a culture of innovation among SMEs.

Innocámaras helps freelancers and

SMEs to innovate through

methodology that combines

Free advice and support

direct innovation

(grants of up to 80%).

From now on, this site will have a search tool advisers approved, so that the beneficiaries can see which entities are approved and what services they offer, facilitating contact between company and customer.

This website provides guidelines and guidelines which must be followed to the Chambers of Commerce Innocámaras program execution, thus serving as a guide and reference manual for the various actors involved in the program.

Visualtis technological innovation.

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OhMyApps joins to VISUALTIS as mobile solution provider

The Spanish company, expert in software development acquired the know-how of young expert in mobile development.
Visualtis has successfully completed its strategic positioning in the development of mobile applications by integrating OhMyApps, specialists in the design (UX) and application development for iOS and ANDROID. Alfonso Madrigal, CEO of Visualtis, stressed that “in this way we give a complete service to our clients, involving mobility solutions were taking more weight in our projects.”

Alfonso said that “whenever our solutions in terms of management software of its corresponding component required for mobile devices. For us integrate these applications was fundamental and OhMyApps offers excellent solutions. ”

A Visualtis experience as a technology services company primarily focused on development of internet platforms, and enterprise ecommerce solutions, is joined by that of OhMyApps as specialists in solutions for IOS and ANDROID.

“We are pleased that the integration will be able to expand, with knowledge and experience, usability of our apps and deliver business solutions,” said Manu Manzanera, head of OhMyApps.

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Participation in ITEA2 AVANZA european project : uService

Visualtis participates in the European project ITEA2 uService within the program. This project will provide a platform for building mobile systems, facilitating the creation, delivery and consumption of mobile services.



File: TSI-020400-2009-103 / ITEA2 NUMBER If08001

This project is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2008-2011 and Regional Development Fund ERDF.

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Turismo de Murcia unveils new design

In Visualtis we renovated the website of Tourism murcia to make it more dynamic, more intuitive, easier to handle and to download the application to smarthphones and tablets.

In the words of tourism councilor Miguel Cascales, “is more dynamic, more intuitive, easy to handle and with the ability to download applications smarthphones and tablets”
Among the major improvements of the new page design is customizable to different formats of devices such as PCs, mobile phones and tablets of different screens, incorporating the new standard HTML5 to improve the website experience.
It also offers the possibility that the visitor accesses the Virtual Office, which simulates the entrance to the Tourist Office, where you can download all the brochures available to the Department and additional information.

Option Plan your trip allows visitors to arrange a visit to the city in advance as entering information of arrival and departure, as well as why you are interested, the website shows a summary of the activities available, accommodation, routes and monuments to visit so that they can plan their days in Murcia in advance.

Two other major developments are mobile applications that can be downloaded from AppStore (Apple) and GoogleStore (Android), which contains a directory of services and tourist routes to follow; while from the smartphone camera and GPS support, a monument that has front and the application displays relevant information about that property is photographed.

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